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Square iPad POS vs Shopify Point of Sale System

Which POS system is better for your business - Square iPad POS or Shopify Point of Sale system? Read this article and find out!

There are hundreds of POS solutions, shopping carts, and mobile applications available to the potential retailers these days, however, the two ultimate winners are Square and Shopify POS systems.
Square is probably the most comprehensive and free Point of Sale solution. It is founded in 20119 and it is one of the first companies to make credit card processing available to everyone using a free card reader and a smartphone.
Shopify on the other site is launched in 2006 as an ecommerce solution. This platform has made selling online easier for retailers and for those who are starting out with their businesses.
We can say that both companies have grown in the recent years. Both services cater to different target groups and they both have similar offerings. Shopify and Square have powerful Point of Sale applications that are targeted for iPads, multiple ecommerce options, and a mobile solution.
The card processing fees are also similar, with a few differences. Square and its Point of Sale application are completely free while Shopify charges a monthly fee (credit card fees, extra fees for add-ons, and etc. Another difference is that if you opt for more expensive Shopify packages, you will get lower processing rates.

So, which POS system is better for your business - Square iPad POS or Shopify Point of Sale system?

Square is a better option for retailers who sell in person and only process credit card payments. Square, its tools and features are well suited to mobile businesses, retail services, and foodservice businesses.
Shopify is primarily for retail businesses. Shopify offers some very nice features and amazing templates for your ecommerce store. It is a great option for retailers who want to focus on their web sales.

Some of the Square iPad POS (Point of Sale) features are:

➢ Reporting: The reporting features are great, however, they are not on the same level as Shopify’s reporting features. The reporting features cover the basics and have some advanced filters so you can customize the data. ➢ Discounts: You can easily apply discounts on individual products or on the whole order. ➢ Product variants: You can set different styles, colors, and pricing for your various products. If you want, you can also add product modifiers (these are add-ons that don’t impact your inventory counts).

➢ Email/Print/SMS receipts: You can now send digital receipts via SMS or email. You can also print physical copies from any tablet connected to a printer.
➢ Low-stock alerts: The Square Point of Sale system will send you email alerts for out-of-stock or low-stock items. The notifications are useful for busy sellers.
➢ Inventory: Square Point of Sale software has a free and solid inventory management system. You can upgrade to Square for Retail to take advantage of more features or integrate with other inventory services, for example, Shopventory.

Point of Sale

Some of Shopify features:

➢ Reporting: You can compare how products are selling, you can track sales, you can monitor traffic to your store, you can build custom reports, and much more.
➢ Discounts: You can apply discounts on individual products or on the whole order.
➢ Product variants: You can set different styles, colors, pricing for your products.

➢ Email or Print receipts: You can send digital receipts or you can have an iPad print them out.
➢ Inventory: The Shopify inventory features are amazing. You can track stock levels across multiple channels, you can print barcodes, and much more.
➢ Gift cards: You can get gift cards if you are using the Standard Shopify plan or higher.

Now that you have more information, are you ready to make a final decision?

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